Yuhua group holds a new door to celebrate ribbon cutting ceremony and unveiling ceremony
Source:Yuhua group


On the morning of May 14, Hunan Yuhua Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. held a ceremonious ceremony for the opening of the new gate. Mr. Zhong Linhui, President of Yuhua Group, Mr. Yan Qingping, Vice-President of Yuhua Group, Mr. Wu Guangxun, General Engineer, Mr. Xu Bainian, Head of Subordinate Branches of the Group, Management Personnel of All Departments of the Group and Some Frontline Staff and Workers of Yuhua Group participated in the ribbon-cutting of the New Gate of the Company. The unveiling ceremony will witness the great event and great event in the history of the development of the company.

At 9:38, the company's new front door was filled with laughter and firecrackers. The new gate of Yuhua Group was completed as a ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony, which began with the magnificent performance of "Towards Renaissance". Subsequently, President Wang and Yuhua Group officials cut the ribbon for the completion of the company's new gate and unveiled the technology center of the group and the group. Mr. Zhong Linhui, chairman of the Yuhua group, delivered a speech at the ceremony on behalf of the board of directors.

The ceremony also performed a lion dance symbolizing auspiciousness and totem.