Corporate culture

Good faith culture

Keeping good faith is the core feature of Yuhua culture. In the private enterprises of Hunan, we first push the "credit loss compensation system", build a good faith system in the enterprise, sign the integrity system for good faith, sign the good faith agreement with the staff, establish the staff integrity code and the professional reputation file, set up the honest exposure platform and so on, advocate the establishment of the integrity ecological circle of the enterprise, and promote the construction of the social integrity environment. Set.

Incorruptible culture

Honesty, integrity and sunshine are honest people's style and style of work in Yuhua. In the enterprise, we give full play to the binding force of the system, the edification of culture, the restraint of education and the deterrent force of supervision. We can support the "umbrella" for the development and construction, and create a positive work pattern in the enterprise, and promote the scientific and healthy development of the enterprise.

Happy culture

The internal motive force of Yuhua's sustainable development is based on the foundation of the people oriented happiness culture. For many years, we have paid attention to the development of every employee, and we hope to get employees respectfully through practical care.