Development history

● March 2, 2022

"Aijie" invested 3 billion yuan in Hengyang city, and a signing ceremony was held for the baking soda production base project at Zhuhui District Government (General Manager of Aijie Group, Zhengqiang Han, and Zhuhui District Government Chief Wei Zhang signed the contract on the spot).


● December 22, 2020

Hengyang Aijie Technology Co., Ltd. was established.


● January 30, 2020

The company carries out digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of production equipment


● December 10, 2019

The company's reclaimed water recycling project was completed and put into operation.

● November 24, 2014

The company completed the restructuring of a joint-stock enterprise, and changed its name from the original "Hunan Chemical Group Co., Ltd." to "Hunan Yuhua Technology Group Co., Ltd.".

The company increased capital and shares, and the registered capital increased from 51.7875 million yuan to 136.282895 million yuan.

● April 30, 2016

Thermal oxidation is officially put into use according to engineering projects.


● June 8, 2011 

The company won the national invention patent certificate for the world's unique process method for manufacturing food grade baking soda by double decomposition.

● April 27, 2011 

The company obtained the national invention patent certificate for the process method for recovering ammonium chloride and sodium chloride from wastewater containing ammonium chloride and sodium chloride.


● January 9, 2009 

The first 200,000 tons/year baking soda production line started, and the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


● August 19, 2007 

The original company was renamed to Hunan Yuhua Chemical Group Co., LTD., and the registered capital increased to 51,787,500 yuan.


● June 28, 2006

The company successfully merged the original Hengdong County chlorine fertilizer factory, has invested more than 70 million yuan for technological transformation and expansion of production, thoroughly solved the production of the problems for supplying raw material of sodium bicarbonate.

● December 2005 

The company newly built the world's unique thermal process ammonium chloride production device.

● February 2003 

On the basis of the original salt factory located in Hengyang city, the first production line independently developed and designed was put into operation.

● April 22, 2002

Yuhua Group was established