Industrial salt


• National standard:GB/T 5462-2015


• Sodium chloride                                     • Water insoluble matter

Industrial salt has a widely use in the industrial circle. It is one of the basic material of chemical industry, which also been known as “the Mother of chemical industry ”. The primary products in basic chemical industry, Hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, soda ash, Ammonia chloride, chlorine and so on, are mainly made by industry salt. Organic synthesis industry need a great deal of sodium chloride. Moreover, industry salt can be used in soap making, ceramic, glass manufacture, daily chemical industry, oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid, petroleum chemical dewatering liquid, early strength agent of construction trades, coagulant of producing coatings, emulsion coagulant of rubber industry, additive of papermaking industry and waste paper deinking and so on. And it has wider use in terms of water processing, road snow removal and refrigeration technology.