Hengdong Yuhua chemical industry

Hengdong Yuhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hengdong County nitrogenous fertilizer plant, was founded in 1970. Anthracite is used as raw material to produce ammonia in a small nitrogenous fertilizer plant, the main products are ammonium bicarbonate, liquid ammonia, industrial ammonia. In November 18, 2004, the enterprise was restructured and renamed as Wuhu Chemical Co., Ltd. of Hengdong county. On June 28, 2006, Hengyang Yuhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. merged with Wuhu Chemical Co., Ltd. of Hengdong County, renamed Hengyang Yuhua Chemical Co., Ltd. and became a subsidiary of Yuhua Company in 2007. In January 2015, the name of the enterprise was changed to Hunan Yuhua science and technology group Limited by Share Ltd Fertilizer Branch. In August 2016, Hengdong Branch was changed into an independent legal entity, changed the nature of the enterprise and renamed Hengdong Yuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Fenghe Village, 3 km west of Ganxi Town, Southeast Hengdong County, south of Fengshui, a branch of Xiangjiang River, west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, 30 km from Hengshan Railway Station. Hengyou Highway passes through the factory, providing convenient land and water transportation. The company covers an area of about 210 thousand m2 and employs about 300 employees.

The company's main products are ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia, liquid ammonia three products. At the beginning of the construction, the production capacity of the enterprise was 3000 tons of synthetic ammonia per year. After many technological reforms and constant adjustment of product structure, the production scale of synthetic ammonia has been formed at 50,000 tons per year. It produces 200 thousand tons of ammonium bicarbonate annually, 20 thousand tons of by-product ammonia and 10 thousand tons of liquid ammonia.