Baking soda


• Registered trademark: “XUEHUA” brand       

• Chemical name:Sodium Bicarbonate                      

• Chemical formula: NaHCO3

• This product meet national standard GB1886.2-2015

◆Technical parameter


◆Product advantages

Our company originated feed special-grade sodium bicarbonate which has gained professional recognition within the whole feed industry and become the first brand of application sodium bicarbonate in feed industry; Secondly, we has launched a kind of 60-100mesh purpose sodium bicarbonate, which broken through the 80-150 mesh purpose limitation of traditional sodium bicarbonate in dye industry, and thereby solving the problems of slow response in low temperature and color change extension in dye industry. Consequently, our company became the preferred supplier of sodium bicarbonate of active dyes manufacturers; Thirdly, to meet the  daily chemical industry’s requirement of particle degree, our company launched 20-60mesh purpose larger particles sodium bicarbonate which become first choice of national non-phosphide detergent manufacturers; Finally, to cooperate with the requirement of superfine sodium bicarbonate within the fire industry, we had manufactured more than 200 mesh sodium bicarbonate in order to reduce reprocessing cost of fire-fighting equipments. Accordingly, our corporation has become the major suppliers of BC dry powder extinguisher manufacturing factories. 


◆◆Product features

The coarse particles: the most coarse particles in our products can reach to 20 mesh.

Strong activity: the sodium bicarbonate in our company is high active sodium bicarbonate which own quilt high chemical activity, reaction speed and dissolution rate. Activity sodium bicarbonate crystal is kind of large particles of cube structure. Its crystallization is loose and its bulk specific weight is around 0.5~0.95g/cm3. Activity sodium bicarbonate can be used in QB, chemical synthesis (such as dyestuff, saccharinic acid) and other areas and it can promote about more 20% per unit area yield than ordinary sodium bicarbonate.

Excellent whiteness: its whiteness normally reaches around 93%. The highest whiteness degree of our products can achieve 95% which meet the specifical requirement of some customers.

Complete specification: the sodium bicarbonate particle size has a considerable wide range from the thinnest of 800-1000 mesh to the thickest of 20-40 mesh. At present, our products are mainly divided into 20mesh , 60 mesh, 80 mesh ,120mesh, 800mesh and above. The 20-40 mesh particle product suits for high quality washing powder, effervescent tablets, cleaning industry and oil pressure well; The 60-100 mesh sodium bicarbonate applies in feed, dyestuff, mineral separation wastewater processing and pharmaceutical intermediates, In addition, it is difficult to harden and can reduce dust pollution; The 80-100 mesh particles can been used in food fermentation industry, The 120-200 mesh products is suitable in tanning, fire-fighting extinguishers, rubber industry Spirulina breeding and so on; The 600-800 and above mesh sodium bicarbonate can been used in subtle grinding and weak alkali filling.

Our sodium bicarbonate possesses absolute advantages than ordinary sodium bicarbonate such as high activity, coarse particle, excellent whiteness, difficult to harden, good liquidity and so on.

◆Application area