Chairman's speech

The days and nights of Yuhua Group in the past have been fixed as a moment in the development history of Yuhua Group, and the brilliance created by Yuhua Group has become yesterday. Facing the economic globalization and facing the future, Yuhua Group will not be complacent because of its achievements in the past, nor will it be cowardly because of the thorny road ahead. Time flies, and time will not wait for me. Today, it is the new starting line of Yuhua group. Yuhua Chinese will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "learning first, striving for first-class, creating first-class". They will strive for every day and every minute. They will keep their heads high and march steadily forward to achieve the goal of establishing a world-class modern enterprise group. In return, they will contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by fulfilling our "China Dream, the Dream of Powerful Country and the Dream of Yuhua".