Yuhua group held work summary and commendation conference in the first half of 2018
Source:Yuhua group

In July 28th, the Yuhua group held a summing up conference in the first half of 2018 in the conference room of the company. The meeting was chaired by Zhong Linhui, chairman of Yuhua group. Chairman Wang and Financial Director Jiang Dongfang attended the meeting; Yuhua Group leaders and deputy heads of various departments and management cadres above workshop directors attended the meeting.

At the meeting, participants made concluding remarks on their work in the first half of the year and reported on their work plans for the second half of the year. Chairman Zhong Linhui briefly reviewed the company's work in the first half of the year and pointed out the outstanding problems in the first half of the year. The second half of this year's work has been arranged and deployed from eight aspects, namely, the rapid restoration of golden reputation and second-line production, performance appraisal on the ground, construction of three projects, improvement of product quality, and improvement of marketing methods. All cadres are called upon to take on and dare to act under the guidance of the strategic objectives of Xinyuhua. First, they should be regarded as the first class, and the first class should take on the lead. We must strive to achieve the goal of production and operation in the second half of the year.

At the meeting, Chairman Wang gave important instructions and arrangements on the construction of Xinyuhua culture, how to do next for enterprises and how to do in the future. The group is required to do a good job in building enterprise culture, enterprise spirit and core values of enterprises. Starting from the enterprise culture, we should create an atmosphere, establish a sense of integrity, unify ideas, tighten a rope, and build a team spirit; from the perspective of enterprise spirit shaping, we should change the mental outlook of employees, improve work style and improve execution; with the goal of building the core values of enterprises, we should strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission at all levels and cultivate the courage to bear. In the mind of the cadres, the subordinate departments of the group company are required to understand, support and encourage each other, take the enterprise benefit as the center, focus on serving the production, and grasp the sustainable and stable production of the enterprise.

At the meeting, Chairman Wang emphasized that we should pay close attention to the assessment, make the system restraint normalized; further strengthen training, improve the quality and accomplishment of the whole staff; pay close attention to human resources management, strengthen the construction, training and reserve of talent echelon, and provide a broad platform for the development of employees; establish the image of enterprises and enterprises. Industry integrity, fair and aboveboard, and do business. At the meeting, Chairman Wang also described to you a good blueprint for the listing of enterprises, which greatly encouraged the momentum and enhanced everyone's confidence in the development of enterprises.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhong Linhui read out the award decision of six "post markers" (Tan Yanyu, Luo Jianmei, Yao Jianhua, Chengkun, Xie Zhanchun and He Jianjun) who had made outstanding achievements in the first half of 2018. Chairman Wang Fuliang personally awarded honorary certificates and prizes to the honored comrades.