Gather up your heart and start again, go for it! - Yuhua group holds a new spring festival.
Source:Yuhua group

On the morning of February 21, 2018, the Yuhua group held a new year's meeting.


The new spring festival was held in group headquarters, Hengnan branch and Hengdong branch. At various factory meetings, chairman Zhong Linhui, representing the Yuhua board of directors, paid a new year call to all cadres and staff members. Thank all the staff of the company for their hard work and hard work in Yuhua development last year! At the same time, the meeting asked everyone to take heart after the festival, and then start, refueling, the excitement of the festival into work passion, the festival blessing into the driving force of work, put all the energy into the post-festival rehabilitation and reproduction, around the pre-festival cloth. The Hengnan Branch has resumed production after the festival, started production on the second line, improved the quality of baking soda and ammonium chloride. Encourage everyone to work hard towards the goal of "3213.56" (300,000 tons of ammonium carbonate, 200,000 tons of sodium bicarbonate, 130,000 tons of ammonium chloride, 500 million sales revenue, 60 million yuan of profits and taxes) by 2018!