Feed grade sodium bicarbonate


1. Application of baking soda in poultry:

The use of sodium bicarbonate as feed additive can effectively improve the digestibility, utilization rate and energy conversion rate of poultry feed, accelerate the absorption and utilization of nutrients and the excretion of harmful substances, and have significant effects on improving the anti-stress ability of poultry, promoting growth, increasing egg production and improving eggshell quality. . The following are the following:

(1) animal health function

A, improve the ability to resist heat stress.

At high temperatures in summer, poultry often suffer from high temperature stress due to poor heat dissipation. When the ambient temperature rises above 35 C, the hot asthma of poultry is aggravated, a large amount of CO2 is exhaled, and the alkali content in blood is reduced. Adding 0.1%-0.5% sodium bicarbonate into the feed can effectively increase the PH value of blood and alkalinity, which is helpful to the normal work of endocrine system under stress and relieve heat stress.

B, mediation of body acid-base balance

Sodium bicarbonate is one of the most common acid-base regulators in the body. Adding sodium bicarbonate to the diet helps to strengthen the body's buffering power. Usually poultry feed is corn as the main raw material, accounting for about 60% of the diet, thus inevitably produce acidic substances in the metabolic process. Sodium bicarbonate can neutralize gastric acid, dissolve mucus, reduce the viscosity of digestive juice, and strengthen the absorption of gastrointestinal tract, play a role in strengthening stomach, inhibiting acid and increasing appetite. At the same time, sodium bicarbonate is absorbed into the blood by the gastrointestinal tract, can neutralize the acidic substances in the blood, thereby reducing the acidity of the blood and maintaining the acid-base balance of various body fluids.

C, improving egg production and eggshell strength.

The normal concentration of carbonate and sodium and phosphorus in the blood of poultry are the key factors to ensure the quality of eggshell. Sodium bicarbonate can improve the mobility of phosphorus in the body of laying poultry and ensure that the concentration of phosphorus in the blood is maintained at the optimum level necessary to form eggshell. In the hot summer, because the poultry exhaled a large amount of CO2, resulting in a corresponding reduction in blood carbonate concentration, so that the formation of the main components of the eggshell calcium carbonate can not be guaranteed, resulting in the quality of eggshells decreased, defective eggs increased significantly. Experiments showed that 0.2% sodium bicarbonate (0.38% of total dietary bicarbonate) could be added to laying hens'diets in summer, which could promptly replenish the carbonate ions in blood and significantly improve egg laying rate, eggshell quality and feed conversion rate (p < 0.01).

D, prevent diseases and reduce the side effects of drugs.

Adding 0.1%-0.5% sodium bicarbonate to the feed has obvious effect on improving the carcass grade and weight of broilers. It can significantly reduce the mortality of Broilers and the incidence of ascites, pleurisy, gastroenteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. When sodium bicarbonate and sulfonamides are used together, the solubility of sulfonamides in urine can be effectively increased, thus reducing the adverse effects of these drugs on the kidneys of poultry and the toxic and side effects of these drugs on poultry.

(2) baking soda in pig feed: 

Baking soda is cheap and widely used. It * s a necessary material for pig farms. Pig * s blood is weakly alkaline, and its pH value is between 7. 5 and 7. 4 * 4. Regular use of baking soda will play a health role in pig health.

Its functions and uses are as follows:

1. Stomach: 0.3% sodium bicarbonate in the feed has a good stomach, enhance appetite, promote digestion. At the same time, it can buffer gastric acid to stimulate gastric mucosa, and has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on gastric ulcer in pigs. Sodium ions in baking soda can enhance appetite.

2. Slow diarrhea: 0.5% baking soda can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and strengthen water flow into the intestine. Therefore, when there is slight constipation in pigs, it can be treated with baking soda. Especially in the case of pregnancy sow constipation can not use strong laxative, baking soda is the first choice of laxative drugs. Sodium bicarbonate should be regularly added to sows in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy to prevent constipation and reduce the increase of body temperature.

3. Anti-stress: Sodium bicarbonate is an important alkali storage in the body. The ratio of carbonic acid to sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) in the blood is 1:20. If it goes beyond this range, the body will appear disease state. In hot summer, baking soda can increase the content of bicarbonate ions in the blood and prevent respiratory acidosis. At the same time, sodium bicarbonate can adjust the body's crystal osmotic pressure, to maintain the body fluid electrolyte balance plays an important role. Therefore, baking soda has a very good anti-stress effect, especially anti-heat stress, and vitamin C (not mixed) at the same time, the anti-heat stress effect is better.