20 mesh -40 sodium bicarbonate product


Product Name: baking soda

Registered trademark: snowflake

Chemical name: sodium bicarbonate

Molecular formula: NaHCO3

Production capacity: 100 thousand tons / year

Products meet national standards GB1886.2 - 2015

Product nature

White crystalline powder, odorless, salty, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, the solution is weak alkaline, heat release carbon dioxide, acid violent decomposition.

Two, product uses

Mainly used in food fermentation, pharmaceutical, leather, mineral processing, smelting, fire extinguishing agents, feed additives, Spirulina culture, daily chemical, rubber, dyes, petroleum, environmental protection and other fields.

Three. Packaging specification

25 kilograms or 50 kilograms compound membrane woven bag, lined with a plastic bag. (special request can be Shang Qia).

Four, the company's product characteristics

1, coarse particles. The coarseest particle size of the large particle baking soda reached 20 mesh (864 m).

2, good mobility, difficult to caking. The product will not be lump in one year under normal temperature.

3, high whiteness. The whiteness of the product is up to 94.5.

4, variety. The company provides 40-60 mesh (coarse particles, 381-221 micron above), 60-80 mesh (medium and coarse particles, 221-173 micron), 80 mesh above (fine particles, 173 micron below) and other products for customers to choose.