Snowflake baking soda 1000g bag food grade baking soda powder


Function and usage:

1, cleaning fruits and vegetables

When washing fruits and vegetables, add a teaspoon or two of baking soda, soak for 2-3 minutes, rinse with water to reduce pesticide residues.

2. Clean the sink.

If you wash your hands for a long time, you will become yellow if you don't pay attention to cleaning. Prepare a dishwasher sponge, moisten it with a little baking soda, wipe it in yellowing area, and then remove it easily.

3, fresh air

One spoonful of baking soda and half a lemon juice are squeezed and filled with water in a sprinkler. Wherever there is an odor, it sprays everywhere. The air becomes very fresh in an instant.

4, remove the chopping board odor.

Pour a little baking soda on the long chopping board, then wipe it again with half a lemon, and remove the odor.

5, remove the smell of drawer.

The weather is wet, drawer opens always have a mildew smell, prepare a small cup, pour half a cup of soda, put in the drawer, mildew smell instantly.

6, tooth whitening

Adding a little baking soda to toothpaste or mixing it with water to brush your teeth can whiten them.

7, let the silverware restore brightness.

Silver cutlery will lose luster after a long time, prepare soda powder and water, in accordance with the ratio of 3:1 into paste, used to wipe the silver, and then washed with clean water, you can see the silver restored to its original luster.